Sunday, December 18, 2011

Albertsons New Coupon Policy!

Albertsons has updated their Coupon Policy!

The biggest change. You will now receive OVERAGE for your coupons:
“Coupons that exceed the retail value of an item will have the remaining amount applied to the balance of the transaction. In the event a transaction balance results in a “credit”, additional items WILL be added/suggested to the order to utilize the remaining value of the coupon. We will not provide any “cash back” on coupons; however we will provide full redemption value”

What does this mean?
If you have a $1.00 coupon and your items is $0.50, you will now be able to roll that into other items into your cart. So instead of the coupon being adjusted down you will now have to apply that to the other items in your cart

Regarding Buy One, Get One Free offers:
“Albertsons offers of Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) promotions in their weekly advertisement can be combined with Buy One, Get One Free manufacturer couponsto result in BOTH items being Free. The items in the manufacturer coupon must exactly match our weekly advertisement offers and meet the redemption criteria”

Scrubbing Bubbles BOGO Free
Use Scrubbing Bubbles BOGO Free Coupon
Final Price: 2 Free

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